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Welcome to the Science News Learning educator portal for Science News Media Group. Use this site to access award-winning journalism from Science News (reading level grades 9 and up) and Science News Explores (reading level grades 5 and up) and discover how they can inspire your curricula. Every other week, you’ll find new NGSS-aligned lesson plans published on our site. They will help you integrate one of the latest articles from Science News and/or Science News Explores in your classroom.

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Educator guides are groups of lesson plans all focused on the same Science News print issue. These guides are designed to help you integrate STEM journalism articles into your classroom by highlighting current applications of core science concepts. Many lesson plans offer two versions of the article at different reading levels. Printable student worksheets are also provided.

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“Science News Learning has been a game changer in my classroom. Using real world examples to connect the concepts has been essential. The varied reading levels and lesson plans have enabled all of our students to achieve understanding and success.”

Edwina Kinchington, Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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