More Stories in Cosmology

  1. Physics

    Centuries on, Newton’s gravitational constant still can’t be pinned down

    A new experiment could finally answer the question 'What is the strength of gravity?' But it's a hard test to do.

  2. Cosmology

    Astronomers spotted shock waves shaking the web of the universe for the first time

    Studying these elusive shock waves could give scientists a better look at the mysterious magnetic fields that permeate the cosmic web.

  3. Cosmology

    Scientists mapped dark matter around galaxies in the early universe

    A technique used to reveal dark matter could also shed light on a disagreement about the clumpiness of matter in the cosmos.

  4. Cosmology

    The Windchime experiment could use gravity to hunt for dark matter ‘wind’

    Though decades away, the project hopes to use an array of ultrasensitive sensors as a “wind chime,” jostled by dark matter blowing past Earth.

  5. Astronomy

    New Gaia data paint the most detailed picture yet of the Milky Way

    Gaia’s new data can tell us about galaxies the Milky Way has swallowed, the young solar system and asteroids that could hit Earth.

  6. Cosmology

    A century ago, Alexander Friedmann envisioned the universe’s expansion

    Alexander Friedmann saw that Einstein’s equations predicted multiple cosmic scenarios, including a Big Bang.

  7. Astronomy

    A supernova’s delayed reappearance could pin down how fast the universe expands

    “SN Requiem” should reappear in the 2030s and help determine the universe’s expansion rate.

  8. Cosmology

    Astronomers may have seen a star gulp down a black hole and explode

    It took sleuthing through data collected by a variety of observatories to piece together the first firm evidence of a theorized cosmic phenomenon.

  9. Cosmology

    ‘Flashes of Creation’ recounts the Big Bang theory’s origin story

    In ‘Flashes of Creation,’ author Paul Halpern tells the story of George Gamow , Fred Hoyle and their decades-long sparring match about the Big Bang.