More Stories in Math

  1. Math

    Non-Western art and design can reveal alternate ways of thinking about math

    Focusing on the relationship between math and culture can boost student learning and expand mathematical knowledge, researchers say.

  2. Animals

    Seen Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster? Data suggest the odds are low

    Floe Foxon is a data scientist by day. But in his free time, he applies his skills to astronomy, cryptology and sightings of mythical creatures.

  3. Health & Medicine

    A catalog of all human cells reveals a mathematical pattern

    Smaller cells occur in larger numbers in the human body, and cells of different size classes contribute equally to our overall mass.

  4. Math

    Here’s why mathematicians are so interested in cake cutting

    The question of how to fairly divide resources attracts game theorists, computer scientists, economists, legal experts and more.

  5. Math

    How geometry solves architectural problems for bees and wasps

    Adding five - and seven - sided cells in pairs during nest building helps the colonyfit together differently sized hexa gonal cells , a new study shows.

  6. Life

    A 407-million-year-old plant’s leaves skipped the usual Fibonacci spirals

    Most land plants living today have spiral patterns involving the famous Fibonacci sequence of numbers. But an extinct, ancient plant did not.

  7. Quantum Physics

    Quantum computers could break the internet. Here’s how to save it

    Today's encryption schemes will be vulnerable to future quantum computers, but new algorithms and a quantum internet could help.

  8. Math

    Here’s how we could begin decoding an alien message using math

    A new mathematical approach looks for order in strings of bits – without relying on human assumptions.

  9. Math

    A ‘vampire einstein’ tile outdoes mathematicians’ latest feat

    A newfound shape covers an infinite plane with a pattern that doesn’t repeat and without mirror images of the shape.